Thoughts of Eduardo Leamon Cigar and Hookah Lounge

The members of EL are your friends.  Start with the person behind the counter. A humble person is a well-respected person and one that is loved over the long run. Whether you’re having problems with your lighter, need help in selecting a cigar, or require assistance in maintaining a new humidor the staff at Eduardo Leamon can be one to help with your cigar needs.

It’s not cool to bring your own cigars.  Internet shopping is one of the most economical ways to buy cigars. You can buy cigars on the internet—that’s cool—if you want to smoke them in your garage by yourself along with the smell of motor oil. Cigar shops don’t like to charge a cutting fee and that internet cigar will never be $5 cheaper than a cigar in the shop.

Being pleasant to strangers can be a good thing.  Remember EL Cigars is a lounge. Whether you’re a regular or a new member in the land of the leaf, you never know who might turn you on to a different cigar or become a new client.

There’s always someone with more money, a bigger house, and looks are subjective. Being braggadocios can get a person embarrassed. Boasting about your ‘awesome’ cigar collection or voice activated lighter (don’t think that’s out, not yet anyway) can give a person a false sense of superiority especially when the person in the vicinity owns the patent to your lighter. Bottom line, don’t be the guy with the red shoes (a clown) on.

Be polite.  Just like anywhere else, ear hustling and conversation jacking is not looked upon with glee or encouragement. Ascertain whether your opinion is warranted in a conversation. If you truly have something constructive to say it might even be appreciated.
Okay smarty pants. Whether cutting, lighting, or how long one lets their ash grow, it’s that person’s prerogative. If you have advice, pull them to the side do not make the issue a public spectacle and maybe the advice will be appreciated.

Don’t forget, EL’s is a public place.  Please cut your cigar before placing it in your mouth. If you must moisten your cigar before cutting, buy your own cutter. Everyone has germs; just do the right thing to keep them personal.

Your maid and butler are at home. Cigar lounge personnel have enough to do without having to clean-up after you. Cleaning ashes is the one thing we can live it. Your glasses, bottles, and miscellaneous garbage are another subject. Your refusal to clean behind yourself is really insight to how you keep your place of residence.

Remember EL’s is a place to be enjoyed by partakers in the cigar lounge experience. We love all of our patrons and want everyone to enjoy the same amenities. Lighters and cutters that are property of EL should never grow legs and leave the premises.
All suggestions will be heard, not necessarily implemented. Not to offend anyone but, selling liquor, wet t-shirt contest either male or female, bootleg dvds, and Friday fish fry ideas do not need to be mentioned as ways to help add sizzle to the EL. We sell cigars and sincerely hope for everyone to have an enjoyable experience. Hope you liked the pointers.